About Us

Our Approach and Support

At Safety Work Kits our objective is on keeping things simple, effective and practical.

We believe that most people want to work safely, without causing harm to themselves or others. Nor do they want a complicated manual or a multitude of forms and processes either. Instead they want to get on with the job, finish each day successfully, and get home safely to their family.

But, if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a workplace accident, they need to be able to prove they were working safely and obeying the law. So we developed a basic set of uncomplicated site based ‘tools’ to enable even the smallest ‘one man band’ to demonstrate a clear trail of activity in addressing their health and safety obligations.

We provide our support in a cost effective and time conserving way. We also offer ongoing assistance through giving reminders, information updates, and most importantly support if something goes wrong.

Meet the team

Mellanie Movric

Mellanie has a history in Health & Safety assessment and control and is a valuable asset to our team.

Mellanie is processing much of the work associated with sending out kits to new members and handling the renewal for existing members.

Heidi Breach

Heidi has a history in lawn & garden maintenance, smoke restoration and pest control. Heidi has hands on experience in many of the jobs our members are involved in.

She has been with Safety Work Kits for over four years, and is ready to assist you with your Health & Safety questions, incident reports and pre-qualification assessments.

Claude Gibbs, Managing Director

Safety Work Kits Managing Director, Claude Gibbs, has over 35 years of experience in building service and maintenance, where he has had both ‘hands on’ and management roles. Over this time he has developed a wide range of practical skills in building service and maintenance, and a comprehensive understanding of the relationships and dynamics required for effective property care. He is also a qualified workplace trainer and trained public speaker.

Claude and his wife Jennifer live and work in Wellington, New Zealand.