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Safety Work Kits App | Home page

There are 6 easy to navigate categories on the Home page:

  1. About You: This contains your Health & Safety policy and introductory material about the resources and information in your Kit.
  2. Care Card: An induction card that can be briefly shown to visitors to your site.
  3. Daily Use: This section contains pages you are likely to check / complete on a daily basis.
  4. If You Have An Accident: There are two forms in this section to complete if there is an accident or near miss on your work site. Both are emailed to yourself and to the Safety Work Kits Office when submitted, and a Safety Work Kits team member will be in contact to assist you.
  5. Registers: Incident, Induction and Chemical registers are stored here.
  6. If You Employ People: Additional forms for employers are in this section.
Note: Our App is only compatible with IOS 8 and Android 4.2 or newer.